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Data as of: September 13, 2018 

PM10 - Particulate Matter <= 10 Microns (NA - M09)

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Reporting Year2017
SubstancePM10 - Particulate Matter <= 10 Microns
Location All of Canada
Facility Nameimerys talc
Industrial SectorsAll Sectors
Type All Types
Total Results2

The number of results returned here may differ from published lists of the number of facilities reporting pollutant releases and transfers to the NPRI due to the inclusion of facilities reporting only under Ontario Regulation 127/01, and/or facilities submitting "did not meet criteria" reports.

NPRI ID GHGRP ID Facility City Province On-Site Releases
Air Water Land Total
10566 Imerys Talc Canada Inc. - Penhorwood Mine and Concentrator Facility Penhorwood & Reeves Township, District o ON 9.4 0 0 9.4
10565 Imerys Talc Canada Inc. - Timmins Micronizing Plant Timmins ON 9.1 0 0 9.1

Total for All Facilities

18 0 0 18

NOTE: as of the 2006 reporting year, the Disposal columns include information on tailings and waste rock disposals. Negative numbers are possible for on-site disposal of tailings and waste rock, which would reflect a net removal of the substances from the tailings or waste rock management area. Please note that negative values are not counted in the total for all facilities.

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