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This database, created and maintained by Natural Resources Canada, allows you to compare the fuel consumption of all passenger vehicles sold in Canada. You can filter your results by model year, class...
This interactive tools allows you to search for the zero-emission vehicles that are available in your area. It shows a variety of different types of vehicles, like: transit buses school buses shu...
This calculator explores the greenest way to dry your hands in restrooms. As a Canadian, you can use the calculator to compare options. For instance, if you can choose between paper towels and an elec...
This web page offers tips to help you reduce the amount of food you waste at home. The tips are easy to do and cost no money. In fact, the tips can save you money by allowing you to eat more of the fo...
This infographic explores ways you can reduce food waste at home. It explains: best before dates so that you don't needless throw food out how to make use of the food you buy and leftovers before ...
This calculator explores the benefits of commuting to work by bike instead of driving. It calculates how much you would reduce your carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, and calcula...
This calculator compares using tap water and bottled water. Most people know bottled water is worse for the environment than tap water. Bottle water comes in plastic bottles, which are generally made ...
This calculator shows the environmental impact of meat. Input the amount of times you eat chicken, beef, pork, lamb and fish each week to see your environmental footprint. The calculator shows: lit...
The Green Municipal Fund provides training, resources and funding for Canadian municipalities. The Green Municipal Fund has helped municipalities launch more than 1360 sustainable projects in the past...
This web page explores some of the common environmental labels and claims you will see in Canada. It shows images of the labels and explains what they mean. It also explores environmental claims and p...

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