Written report of an environmental emergency

Verbal notification

Please note that a separate environmental emergency verbal notification is required as soon as possible in the circumstances under Section 201 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. If you haven’t done so yet, please refer to the following hyperlinks and select the 24-hour telephone number for the region where the environmental emergency occurred: Release and Environmental Emergency Notification Regulations or Deposit Out of the Normal Course of Events Notification Regulations.

Written report

This report (Written Report of an Environmental Emergency) is for reporting environmental emergencies that occurred as well as near-miss environmental emergencies. It complies with the written reporting requirements under Section 201 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act and Section 18 of the Environental Emergency Regulations, 2019.

Please note - this public site link is only for persons who either 1) do not have a registered facility in the Environment and Climate Change Canada Single Window Environmental Emergency Reporting System or 2) have a registered facility but are not reporting for that facility. If you need to report an environmental emergency for your registered facility, please log-in using your GCKey credential and submit a Schedule 8.

Instructions for completing the written report of an environmental emergency

All mandatory fields required for the report are indicated in the form. Additional useful information is also available in blue boxes. Please read carefully all the information provided to help you fill out the requested fields.

Once the form has been submitted, you should receive an automated email at the provide email address to confirm the submission.

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